Troubleshooting with Scratch

If you’re having trouble with the Hummingbird kit, check out some of these suggestions or visit the Birdbrain Technologies website for more information.

Getting started

  1. Connect the Hummingbird to the computer with the USB cord
  2. Open BirdBrain Robot Server
  3. If the screen says Hummingbird Duo Connected, click on the Open Scratch button.
    • If Hummingbird Duo is still grayed out, quit Birdbrain Robot Server. Check that your Hummingbird is connected with the USB cord, then open Birdbrain Robot Server again.
  4. Scratch 2.0 will open, and the Hummingbird blocks are under “More blocks”
How to sort out some issues you may encounter while working with Scratch 2.0 and the Hummingbird.

Check your physical connections:

  1. USB cord
    • Is it plugged into the computer?
  2. Components (Lights, motors, and sensors)
    • Are the wires in the right port?
    • Is it connected all the way?
    • Are positive(+) and negative(-) switched?
  3. Power cord
    • Motors need power to run

For more known issues and troubleshooting information, see the Birdbrain website: