Home Play 1

Activities for the first week at home

Option 1


backpack-storyboardTech Tales Storyboarding

This week, take some time to brainstorm what your family story will be. Remember, the three prompts to choose from are:


  1. Tell a story about an important experience in your family’s past.
  2. Tell a story about how your family and/or the world might change in 10 years.
  3. Tell a story about a place that is important to your family.

Lose your worksheet? Download here.


Option 2

: What are your family’s hobbies and what are you good at?

For each member of your family, take pictures of your individual hobbies and interests AND hobbies that your family enjoys doing together. This could be anything that you enjoy doing or that you think you’re good at!

Some guidelines to help you get started:

  1. Try to take pictures that represent your hobbies and your family’s hobbies.
    Try to avoid getting non-family members in your pictures.
  2. Try to take 5 pictures for each member of your family AND 5 pictures of hobbies that your family does together.
  3. We will share these pictures with each other in the workshop next week, so please take a minute to review the pictures before bringing them in.

Need help with your camera?


Option 3

Code Remix

Follow the steps on the Hummingbird website to practice programming standard and tri-color LEDs in Scratch.



  1. Find the Help folder on your computer’s desktop and open the file called Creating Light with LEDs (Scratch), or go online to http://www.hummingbirdkit.com/teaching/creating-light-leds-scratchFollow the steps to try the Tri-color and Single color LEDs.
  2. TRY: Once you can turn lights off and on, try making a new pattern of flashing lights or colors.
  3. Using the camera in your backpack, take photos or video of the work you do together!
  4. Save your program or programs on your computer.


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