Using the Hummingbird

Learn about the different components: lights, sensors, and motors. Learn how to program them in Scratch.

  • Creating light with LEDs
    The Hummingbird kit contains two type of LEDs, single color LEDs and tri-color LEDs. Single color LEDs have two wires, while tri-color LEDs have four wires.
  • Creating Movement with Motors
    The Hummingbird kit works with three different kinds of motors: vibration motors, servo motors, and gear motors.
  • Using Sensors with the Hummingbird
    The Hummingbird LEDs and motors are output devices. Scripts in Scratch send commands to these devices to make something happen. The Hummingbird sensors, on the other hand, are input devices. They send information to the Scratch program. The Scratch program can use this information to make a decision with an if then else block.
  • Common programming errors
    This lesson will address four common errors that people often make when programming in Scratch. This will help you avoid these errors when working with the Hummingbird.

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