Sensors (Inputs) and Outputs

The Hummingbird LEDs and motors are output devices. Scripts in Scratch send commands to these devices to make something happen. The Hummingbird sensors, on the other hand, are input devices. They send information to the Scratch program. The Scratch program can use this information to make a decision or control a light or a motor.

Find the most up-to-date information you need for using the Hummingbird Kit on their website

All of the sensors are attached to the Hummingbird in the same way. A sensor can be attached to any one of the four ports labeled “SENSORS.” Each sensor has a red wire, a black wire, and a yellow wire. The red wire should be connected to ‘+,’ the black to ‘-,’ and the yellow to ‘S.’

Video tutorial for using the rotary sensor, LED, and servo motor. Fade a light and change the position of the servo arm by turning a knob.

Check out Birdbrain Technology’s Programming with Scratch tutorial for more help